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Animal doll hand edition, animal toy model, sweet cat, cartoon pet cat,

Animal doll hand edition, animal toy model, sweet cat, cartoon pet cat,

.The name of the action figure (also known as the first or hand version) is often confused on all the models. In fact, the real sense of the action figure is the performance of the prototype Division Personality Garage Kit (referred to as GK) , is not mass-produced model KIT. Because the volume is small and the complexity of opening the mold is high, the price is generally high. Because of the properties of the resin material, it is suitable for showing very detailed details and characters. Most of them are semi-finished white mould provided by the factory. They need to polish, assemble and color by hand, and are much more difficult than general model-making. Only from the point of view of painting, the need for a certain amount of fine arts and airbrush painting tools such as expensive. So it’s not something that people can easily try. Because the processing of handmade is all manual, so the price of handmade finished products is also relatively high





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Do a few important features: 1, do not be mass-produced, a set of hand-made mold can generally only produce 20-25 products, if the need to re-open the mold. 2. The material of the action figure, which is the most important factor to distinguish the action figure, most of the material of the action figure is High Grade P. U non-foaming resin, the best such as Japan’s cast resin (more than 300 yuan a kilogram transparent more expensive) , the raw material produced by the white mold handle has a very good feel, the product basically no bubbles. White mold color is not yellow and dark, also not too bright, very smooth (unlike PVC plastic smooth) , feel like jade or ivory-like feel, very feel in the hand, unlike PVC or plastic so light. And it doesn’t smell bad when it’s sanded. 3, the performance of the action figure is very strong, such as the subtle facial expressions, the wrinkles of silk stockings and so on all lifelike. 4, because the finished product processing needs a lot of manpower, so handmade are generally not finished products, even if there are finished products sold in the price and time also cost more! 5. You Can’t call a ABS  a figurine (or a model or figure, for that matter) from other plastic materials (PVC ABS  ABC) .

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