Professional production of flocking small animal products manufacturers.
Best Flocking brown bear flocking love aluminum bear flocking pet bear flocking animal Supplier

Best Flocking brown bear flocking love aluminum bear flocking pet bear flocking animal Supplier

Material: PVC plastic enamel + nylon pile

Product size: l 6.0CM * h 9.0CM

Product quality: soft flocking texture and touching feeling

Product function: it can be used as an ornament hanging bag, hanging key, children collection, etc

Product function: the head, hands, and feet of a

Dongguan Chuangying Gift Co. Ltd. Best Flocking brown bear, flocking love aluminum bear, flocking pet bear, flocking animal Supplier,Specialized in producing flocking small animal products, with wide workshop area and environment

cute bear can move and place POS that you like

Product production: can be processed with supplied materials or design draft processing, can also be OEM

Product development market: traders, wholesalers, retail, large malls, global





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uses high-tech surface treatment technology.


1.How to deodorize plastic toys?
The method is as follows :1. Heavy taste shows that the quality of plastic is not very good, it is best to put it outside or in a ventilated place to disperse the taste.    2. You can use diluted detergent to wash it, and then use it when the taste is gone or light enough to be ignored.    3. Wipe toys with a dry rag and play in the sun. Don't spend too much time in the sun. Then put them in a well-ventilated place for two days.    4, adsorption: let the plastic products contact with the appropriate amount of milk, vinegar, baking soda, brine, waste tea, rice or rice, pomelo peel, pineapple (good quality), Baijiu, dilute sulphuric acid (quality), and other cleaning agents. After a certain period of time, you can remove some flavor.    5. Add aromatics: this method can cover the smell, can not eliminate it. Aromatics are generally used in toys, daily commodities, cosmetics containers, daily electrical appliances, and gardening equipment.    Therefore, when enterprises customize and purchase
2.What’s your delivery term?
3.Are the goods 100% tested before delivery?
Yes, goods are 100% tested before delivery.


1.Profession——Focus on animal products manufacturers
2.Design——Innovation is the life of products
3.Production of all kinds of plastic toys, from the design of mold to finished products a service
4.Specialized in producing flocking small animal products, with wide workshop area and environment

About Dongguan Chuangying Gift Co. Ltd.

Specializes in the production of flocking animal products manufacturers, plant area The environment is broad; for the surface needs flocking products, such as toys, jewelry boxes, handicrafts, paper, flower identification, hardware, plastic and so on, the product quality feels good, good fastness, make the product more high-end; in addition, we also produce various kinds of plastic toys, which can provide a service from design and opening to finished products. Since its establishment, the company has been guided by customer demand, respected talents, continuously improved its own strength and level, and improved service level and quality. We give full play to the cooperation ability of the team, pursue sustainable operation and create high-quality products. The company will provide customers with more satisfactory products and services. We firmly believe: excellent service quality and good customer relationship is the basis for the survival and development of the company. Our cooperation with customers is not a short-term benefit, but to win common progress with quality! Sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand to create the future!

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